Focus on Dimensions of Competition

Each dimension of competition is an area where you can challenge your competitors and prove your company makes the better offer. Different dimensions are going to make it easier to segment your market of consumers because customers care about different aspects. Such as price is more important to some customers, while convenience is more important to others. Take a look at a few of the dimensions below that help shape the plan against one-upping your competition.

Price & Quality: Most customers are looking for the best bang for their buck these days. Customers want quality products and services, but only if it fits into their budget of reality. By offering customers both, you increase the likelihood that they will be become regular customers.

Customer Service: When you offer customers exceptional customer service there are more likely to return to you in the future and recommend your products and services to others.

Image (style/fashion): Offer customers the option to create a unique or customized version of your product or service. If customers can personalize it, they are more likely to make the purchase.

Convenience: Are customers able to access your products and services 24-hours/day? When you get to a point where you can offer customers access at their convenience, you allow them the option to connect to your company on their own time. Customers are more likely to turn to you solutions when they have complete access.

Innovation: Does your company offer the latest and greatest in products and services? If customers know you offer new products and services consistently, then they will most likely come to you first.

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