Text SMS Campaigns Create A Sense of Urgency

Consumers are becoming more familiar with using their smartphones for holiday shopping in search for gifts, holiday hours, store locations, text message offers, read product reviews, and make purchases.

This time last year you could find holiday shoppers in the following places:

  1. Departments Stores (Example: Macy’s)
  2. Discount Stores (Example: Walmart)
  3. Online Websites (Example: Amazon)
  4. Electronics Store (Example: Best Buy)
  5. Clothing Retail Stores (Example: Old Navy)

By sending out a promotional offer to a group of shopping consumers all hopped up on holiday spirit, you should find it easy to capture their attention and get them to redeem your holiday offer. Your mobile discount offer or mobile coupon will be directly sent to their cellphone, making it easy accessible to them while out and about shopping. A holiday Text SMS campaign can create a sense of urgency with consumers, because they know holiday deals won’t last long for the holiday season. Here is your chance to capitalize on a group of shopping consumers.

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